Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Having a Blast!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to all 2010 graduates. Hope everyone had a fantastical school year! For any last minute shoppers Lei Book VIII is what you've been looking for. It's got the most popular lei instructions of today. Whether you're using straws, crochet hooks, or even your fingers this is the book you'll need!

We got some new items in. Our new book binding tool called The Cinch tm is a must for crafting. Perfect for school projects or even your office notebooks. Best of all you can choose where you want your holes punched. "Makes binding a cinch!" Also we got some new Martha Stewart corner punches and edge punches. For a neat way to stylize a card or paper these punches are the right choice.

A couple schools still left to go for graduation, again CONGRATS to all! Any graduation parties to prepare for? Stop by sometime for some pretty cool ideas.
In need of some excitement? Lets kick off this summer with something to remember. We are holding something special for everyone tomorrow and Friday but you gotta visit the website first to be in on the loop. Keep crafting everyone!

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