Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Hey there - Happy Holidays to you all. Hope that you all are having a great holiday! well, a friend of mine told me about a tea bag dispenser that she saw. Well, I kinda made one (not ready for posting just yet). I look forward to having it on the calendar in January. I also look forward to the many things upcoming. Card contest, demos, and kits. Stop by and give us some suggestions for the upcoming year. Look forward to hearing from you.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Still looking for the right gift?

A friend gave me an idea for stuff that they found while blogging and such. I'm working on it now for my last or late Christmas gift -- you know for those that got everything that they need or friends that you just can't buy for and end up with that gift card from their favorite eatting place or store. As soon as I get the end product get it up there, but it might not be until next week. Remember it's the thought that counts. Hope you like it.

Shhh! Sorry for not letting you know this yesterday, but it was Christy's birthday.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Chocolate! Chocolate!

Done with all your Holiday shopping? I just got a tree. I'm so thankful and blessed!

Well, we made the EASY version of muddy buddies (chocolate covered rice chex with powdered sugar). First you get some melt-n-mold! of course.Then microwave (we did it 30 second intervals on medium - to get a feel for the microwave - package says 2 minutes and we had an adventure with that LOL). Burnt food still smells like burnt food. You may want to stir in-between heatings.
Then put Rice Chex in a ziploc bag or mixing bowl, add chocolate and mix. Be sure to cover the Rice Chex well with chocolate (mmmmmm) Then add some powdered sugar, shake it/stir it up, and eat!

Holiday Card Contest Voting

Don't forget to stop by and vote for your favorite Holiday card in our contest. Don't worry if you got to busy for during this holiday season, we look forward to seeing all the entries in our New Years Contest in January.

Also, don't forget today is the last day to use your 25% off coupon. So stop by and vote...last day to vote is next week Tuesday. Vote "green" or "red"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Congratulations Lori & Diane!

Congratulations to our Grand Prize winners: Lori - gift basket -- uchida paper trimmer with replacements baldes, dandelion stamps, hero art stamp, notepad, keychain, and some paper of course. Diane for winning our deluxe crop-a-dile and eyelet set.

Winner of dandelion stamps and Wholesale unlimted giftcard was Liza Hamada!

Our other winners who won prizes from dandelion designs and hero arts were: Karen O., Joan H., Geri U., Patsy R., Pam N., Krista O., Sharon A., Nikki K., Corina A., Colette A., Carol C., Ann Y., Suztte I., Marisa O., Lori K., Cathy Y., Darlene L., Paula F., Madeline D., Joy F., Sandy O., Bonnie A., Jenny L., Jean A., Charlotte G., Jenevieve L., Nellie C., Nicole C., Ashlee F., and Grace A. Other prize winners were: Annie K., and Linzy H.

Congratulations to all and thank you for all of you for coming and help us celebrate. Thanks again to Cheryl, Jean, Joy and Gloria for helping make this joyous season and occasion even more special.

Monday, December 14, 2009

In-Store Specials

Hey everyone, well we have the coupon back up on the website - so print one out for you and bring a friend.

Don't forget the Holiday Card Contest, you got until Wed. the 16th. Come by and see our card holder - made just to hold all those lovely entries.

Will be posting the winners of the drawing today so watch for your name. (We'll be calling you too.)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thanks for helping us celebrate our 1st year!

Thanks to all of you for coming by and celebrating with us this past week. A great big THANK YOU to Jean and Cheryl for doing the great make 'n takes as always and the donations for the drawing. (you should checkout their blogs). Mahalo to Joy for the cute favor, and thanks to Gloria for showing us the smooch.

Look forward to this week, 25% off coupon to let the good times continue!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Card Contest - update

Okay, I know everyone is I'll extend the drop off date until Wednesday Dec. 16 6pm (closing). Then we'll have the voting until Tuesday Dec. 22nd 6pm.

So, get busy this weekend!!!

Smoochin' with Gloria

Hey its the last day for our 3 day Anniversary Celebration. Don't worry, we still have things on sale for next week - did you see the coupon? However the big shot last day for this year at that great price is today!
Well, Gloria is here. Come 'n use the big shot and smooch your card!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chill 'n with Josh Part I

Let's hear what Josh has to say about the Aloha Chill'r.

Still celebrating the JOYous occasion

So are you coming today...did you make it yesterday. Joy from Joy of Crafting is coming 11am-1pm today. It's a little chilly here, but really cute and sweet. See you soon.

Thanks Cheryl & Jean

Thank you Cheryl and Jean for coming yesterday to help us celebrate. Here's picture of they did for make 'n takes. Cheryl used the Electric Sizzix machine to cut and emboss - what a neat idea.
What about the ornament/tag that Jean made just like those stamps!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Come 'n Celebrate with us!

We have so much to celebrate!!! Our 1st Anniversary!!!! Thanks to all of you we're still here!!!

Did you check out all the specials on the Ad, plus we have some in-store specials (check the tweets). We have lots of special guests coming that helped make this year a great one. Let's see, Cheryl M. (Sizzix/Hero Arts) and Jean Y. (dandelion designs) are coming on Wednesday; Joy from Joy of Crafting on Thursday; Gloria A. from Ben Franklin Crafts - Pearl City on Friday. Lots of great make 'n takes to do from 11am to 1pm.

Don't forget to enter our Anniversary drawing!!! See you when you get here.

We're having a Christmas Card contest....last day to enter Friday.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Card Holder! and other stuff

Hey there! Getting ready for the Holidays are the cards coming?!? Well, here's an idea for this year's holiday card holder....(an old project/idea, but a good one.)

What do you need:
a small wooden plank (you can get this at Ben Franklin); felt squares; James Button Christmas Embellishments; American Craft Christmas Ribbon; Merikan double sided tape; hot glue gun/glue; 1 -3/4" clothespins.

What to do:
1) You want to cover the wooden plank - I used the green if you cut the felt in half (long ways - or as little people would say hot dog) it should fit nicely side by side on the plank. I used the 3/4" merikan double sided tape to tape it to the wooden plank (cleaner and smoother finish on the front). I also did the edge using the double sided tape- an old but reliable friend for the holidays.
2) cut out the stockings (I'll be attaching the stocking pattern hopefully by next week-need to get it scanned and uploaded-new adventure) using the red and white felt.
3) ribbon, the nice thing about the American Craft Christmas Ribbon is it comes in 4 feet rolls so I just cut it in half and used 2 rolls-no need measure. Attach to a James Button or any other embellishment.
4) clothespins, even easier, using the hot glue gun - put glue on one-side then place the ribbon on top and cut. (otherside will be hot glued to the ribbon to hold the cards, attach last)

Now putting it together, first lay it all out, of course. Then get that hot glue gun out and glue it all down. Attach the clothespins onto the ribbon last. For the backside, I used some American Craft ribbon hot glued it down, then using felt and double sided tape for the finished back.

So have fun.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Card Contest

Here we go getting ready for the Holdiays, since many of you celebrate such different holidays, pick one make a card and enter the contest, so we can celebrate together with a Holiday Card Contest.

1) Size: no larger than a 5"x7" card.
2) Theme: Happy Holidays - any holiday celebrated in December.
3) 75% of product used is purchase from Crafts in the City.
Did I miss anything? Yes, when: Dec. 7th until closing 11th to drop off your cards at the store.

Voting will take place the following week. hmmmm...oh the prize: Marvy Paper Trimmer.

any questions, feel free to call 536-5410, email or just stop by.