Friday, December 18, 2009

Chocolate! Chocolate!

Done with all your Holiday shopping? I just got a tree. I'm so thankful and blessed!

Well, we made the EASY version of muddy buddies (chocolate covered rice chex with powdered sugar). First you get some melt-n-mold! of course.Then microwave (we did it 30 second intervals on medium - to get a feel for the microwave - package says 2 minutes and we had an adventure with that LOL). Burnt food still smells like burnt food. You may want to stir in-between heatings.
Then put Rice Chex in a ziploc bag or mixing bowl, add chocolate and mix. Be sure to cover the Rice Chex well with chocolate (mmmmmm) Then add some powdered sugar, shake it/stir it up, and eat!

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