Thursday, December 3, 2009

Card Holder! and other stuff

Hey there! Getting ready for the Holidays are the cards coming?!? Well, here's an idea for this year's holiday card holder....(an old project/idea, but a good one.)

What do you need:
a small wooden plank (you can get this at Ben Franklin); felt squares; James Button Christmas Embellishments; American Craft Christmas Ribbon; Merikan double sided tape; hot glue gun/glue; 1 -3/4" clothespins.

What to do:
1) You want to cover the wooden plank - I used the green if you cut the felt in half (long ways - or as little people would say hot dog) it should fit nicely side by side on the plank. I used the 3/4" merikan double sided tape to tape it to the wooden plank (cleaner and smoother finish on the front). I also did the edge using the double sided tape- an old but reliable friend for the holidays.
2) cut out the stockings (I'll be attaching the stocking pattern hopefully by next week-need to get it scanned and uploaded-new adventure) using the red and white felt.
3) ribbon, the nice thing about the American Craft Christmas Ribbon is it comes in 4 feet rolls so I just cut it in half and used 2 rolls-no need measure. Attach to a James Button or any other embellishment.
4) clothespins, even easier, using the hot glue gun - put glue on one-side then place the ribbon on top and cut. (otherside will be hot glued to the ribbon to hold the cards, attach last)

Now putting it together, first lay it all out, of course. Then get that hot glue gun out and glue it all down. Attach the clothespins onto the ribbon last. For the backside, I used some American Craft ribbon hot glued it down, then using felt and double sided tape for the finished back.

So have fun.

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