Friday, April 9, 2010

Mother's Day Card Contest!

Big OOPS on this Card Contest!

Didn't give you all the wonder no one came in. Well, we'll shift the dates on the calendar, so watch for the revised due dates and voting on the calendar: Cards will be due by next Friday April 16th closing and voting the following week April 19th - 23rd.
1) Size: no larger than a 5"x7" card.
2) Theme: Mother's Day. Be creative. As mother's come in different shapes, sizes and very unique.
3) 75% of product used is purchase from Crafts in the City.

Prize: 1st place card winner: 2 Flower Soft colors of your choice, 2nd place card winner: 1 Flower Soft color of your choice.

We're going to try something fun to have all your friends come and checkout your cards and vote for you! Information will be posted on Wednesday April 14th.

May, our card contest will incorporate the Flower Soft product. So don't forget to stop by and get to know what it's all about!

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