Friday, July 30, 2010

All kinds of new stuff!

Did you read the Star Advertiser yesterday? They were talking about "jelly" bracelets that are in fun shapes. Pretty cool, made me think about Madonna, punk rock and "jelly" shoes, not to mention, clear purses (didn't I just see a Coach one like that recently? or was it Dooney & Burke?) Anyway, I'll be stopping by Ben Franklin today after work to get a few for the family and maybe myself...we'll see.

As for the "grown-up" things, new to the store...We R Memories, we got in new paper and there is the cool card making kit. I think that might be an investment for me. Not much to coordinate and think about plus, I'm always looking for that special handmade card.

Now that I found my camera (shucks, no new camera for my birthday. Maybe I can get something else...what about a yudu, cricut expression, create-topia? do I really need any of that. OF COURSE! what crafter doesn't, well first I need to make more space, but it's that always the question and new year's resolution?) On a different note, here's a picture of the studio g items that we got in -- look for the beautiful black rolling rack -- some of you might know it better as the items that we have 4 for $5.
And of course, Halloween - those of you that came by yesterday -- you are correct, you did see us working on Halloween. Just think, we were just showing you how to make graduation leis the other month and now it's time for the holidays! The EK edge punchse are "cute" and halloween-E!