Monday, August 2, 2010

August, Already!

School's started for those public school kids! At least there wasn't too much traffic this morning. Shopping at Long's, good thing got that downtown one and all those friendly faces in the morning ready to greet us all.

Well, August holds many new things for us, we are sad to inform you, that we will be closing Crafts in the City doors on August 12th. It has been great meeting all of you. It has been a pleasure to be of service to all of you from taking an "AC" or "coffee" breaks, just waiting for the pedestrian light to change, on the way to UPS, the downtown post office, or just running errands. Then being able to get to know many of you from the paddling and volleyball groups that you help with, what kind of Starbucks drinks you recommend, school projects that you needed to get completed, and blowing up balloons for that special little person - sending smiles to you. All of you will be missed but not forgotten.

So let's play and enjoy (come by did you see the tweet? did ya? better go check it out!) See ya before the 12th. If not, watch for where to follow us. (Hint: Do you know who Crafts in the City is related to?)


  1. Yes, of course i do. This is news to me. Sad to hear that you are closing on the 12th. Are you going back to PC?

  2. I'll be going to Market City Ben Franklin. I'm happy to have been able to meet all the people that I did downtown and look forward to seeing most of you over at MC.